What to expect from a Holistic Treatment?

What to expect before a holistic treatment

Prior to any treatment I will ask you to complete and sign a consultation form to disclose your personal details, reason for treatment and medical history. This is important as some medical conditions can affect or restrict treatment. I also request this information so I can identify your reasons for treatment and tailor it to your individual needs so that you get the most out of this time. Any personal information you share with me will of course be kept confidential.

If it is not possible to complete a treatment due to medical reasons I can sometimes adapt the treatment. For example, if you were unable to have Reflexology on the feet, I would use the hands instead as the structure is very similar and it would offer you the same benefits.

Some treatments require the removal of clothing so I will leave the room whilst you get undressed and cover yourself with a towel. When you feel you are suitably covered and comfortable, I will re-enter the room to begin the treatment. You will continue to be covered by a towel throughout the entire session and I will only expose the areas of the body to be treated so your modesty is protected at ALL times.

What to expect during a holistic treatment

This treatment is your opportunity to relax so it is perfectly acceptable to close your eyes and be silent (and I encourage it) so you can fully benefit from this time.

I will request feedback during the session with regards to my pressure so you are comfortable at all times, so please feel free to share how you are feeling during or after the treatment (i.e. if you want more/less pressure). This will vary from person to person depending on your needs. The treatments should never be painful so if you do experience any discomfort please let me know.

Your feedback will also be useful to help indicate any areas of the body that are unbalanced, so I can further adapt the treatment as I want you to get the most out of this time.

What to expect after a holistic treatment

I will always end the session with relaxing massage techniques and give you a few moments to awaken before discussing the treatment and homecare advice.

I will leave the room and only return when you are suitably dressed. Payment can be made at this time.

These treatments are deeply relaxing and beneficial, however, some symptoms may be experienced following a treatment (for example, tiredness, lower body temperature, frequent urination, thirstiness) and some symptoms may temporary worsen, however, this is a positive sign as your body begins to eliminate waste and rebalance and is part of the healing process. These symptoms will usually pass within 12-24 hours.

You may feel better after only one treatment or you may feel it necessary to book a course of treatments depending on your individual needs. This is entirely your decision, as you are not obliged to continue subsequent treatments unless you feel it is necessary.

If you decide to re-book I offer a loyalty card for returning clients (buy 5 treatments and get 1 free). I also advertise special offers throughout the year, so please check the special offers page to benefit from any available discounts.