• Holistic Therapies

    Holistic therapies consider all of the factors that contribute to our health, including our emotional and physical state and lifestyle. Stress can disturb the body’s natural balance (homeostasis), which can long term lead to injury, illness or disease. These symptoms are the body’s warning signs to alert us of an imbalance, which should not be ignored.

    It is essential to not just treat the symptoms, but to identify the cause. For example, a person could be suffering with headaches due to incorrect posture, so instead of treating the symptoms with medicine for short term relief, it would be far better long term to treat and correct the cause of the pain.

    In some cases the cause of our symptoms are unknown or due to various reasons, generally when one system of the body is not working well, it can affect other parts of the body or mind because they are interconnected. The same process happens during a holistic treatment, so a treatment in one area of the body, can also help other systems of the body function more effectively.

    “Prevention is better than cure”

    To maintain a healthy balance it is vital that we allow time for ourselves, to help reduce the stress caused by the many pressures of modern life. A holistic treatment is the perfect opportunity to recuperate, which in turn relaxes the mind and encourages the body’s own natural healing process and equilibrium.

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